Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Place Setting

Place Setting: How'd we get to the cave when we were in the desert?

I love reading novels to see how each author creates a sense of place, sometimes a whole new world. It can surprise me at times how little it may take to get the reader into the location or setting of the story. Sometimes, however it takes ever so much thoughtful wording to get an entire new world to feel real and full of life. 
When you think of your favorite novels how do those authors write about space and setting?

Look around your home or yard and try to write out how you'd describe it in a book. What is the essence of the place, the feeling of being there?
Try reading the description out load and hear how it sounds. Focus on the tone of the place and then you can begin to add in details.

The sun hit the big red wood paneling harshly. As though the place should catch fire at any moment. 
Red wood panels, long passed their prime, stood out from the bright landscape of yellow fields and stray chickens on the hunt for worms. 

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