Monday, January 30, 2012

Ghost Stories or No, that's not pee it's wine

Ghost Stories or No, that's not pee it's wine 

 I have been obsessed with tales of the dead since I first read the entire section of my local library. People love to be scared and there is something about the notion that we stay around after our deaths, to mist in and out of dark corners that is simply enticing to write about.

What do you find scary about the idea of Ghosts? Would you find it more frighting to see one or to hear one?

When you write try not to please someone else, stick to what makes you afraid of the dark and go with it. Think of a way to die and start there, write out how the ghost became a specter, again even if you don't need all that information for your story it will really help with the writing of the piece, whether it is a short story for a magazine or blog or a novel for publication. 

There are places and ways to die which are naturally to our mortal minds much more terrifying than others. If you're feeling a little stuck try out one of the classics. A castle in the Irish green. Motels in Maine. Long ago car accidents. The violent end for a violent person.
You can begin with a well worn idea and make it your own through great character development and an ability to make the normal seem somehow sinister.

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